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IP World Technologies / Web Fusion is focused on the specific provision of Data Center Server and Network Infrastructure. Move your website, email and servers to us. We will help you meet your cost expectations.

Data Center Outsourcing

Managing IT infrastructure is extremely costly. We provide solutions at every level for our customers at our Tier-2 and Tier-3 data centers.

Peace of Mind

Our Infrastructure is located within one of the largest Tier 3 Data Centers in the Asia Pacific region. To meet our customer’s cost expectations we have procured a Tier 2 Data Center and are helping businesses pull through by providing cost effective infrastructure. We provide power, network and data backup and redundancy which has served our customers extremely well over the years.

Industry Experience

We have been in the industry for 17 years through different economic cycles and know what it takes for our customers to pull through in challenging times. We provide services required in managing all outsourced IT Infrastructure and IT Security in our setups with compliance to IT Governance requirements. We are ISO 27001 certified.


We offer hosted solutions in the Public Cloud. As a more cost effective solution, our customers who wish to start off with a lower budget subscribe to these packages for a no-frills setup.


The security sensitive nature of corporations dictates the need for a private cloud. The high-security network of servers that we provide to our customers are isolated from our other customers and comply to IT infrastructure audit. We work with our customers and their software vendors and provide advice on the specific needs for their IT requirements for example hardware and network redundancy and disaster recovery. Needless to say, we provide the hardware infrastructure as well.


All infrastructure that we deploy are optimized for performance and hardened so that our customers need not worry about performance and security issues. Having provided such solutions over many years, we have the ability to make these platforms work with redundancy and even high availability configurations.


We specialize in the deployment 3 main industry Hypervisors and their associated PrivateCloud solutions. Namely Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare Vsphere and KVM and, for larger Infrastructure Consolidation requirements, the associated Azure, VCenter and OpenStack.


For IT Security compliance, the solution that we offer range from simple web servers to Application, Data and Storage Servers running behind DMZ’s with Hardware and Web Application Firewalls as well as Data Leak Prevention Systems.


Our Live Backup moves our customers to a higher level, where entire desktops and servers can be replicated on the fly. Customers with high availability requirements and their staff who need to back up their desktops can trust us to provide a safe and secure platform to perform their backups. With a click on a dedicated portal page, users can access the backup of their data to be restored on their desktop or be downloaded for local archiving.